Tips for wash your wedding dresses

All girls want to be the most beautiful bride in the wedding day, so they choose the beautiful wedding dresses for her wedding. After the wedding ceremony, everything is finished? Girls, don’t forget to keep your wedding dress in good condition. Some girls choose to rent a wedding dress from the dress shop. In this case, if you don’t keep your dress clean and well, you may pay for the compensation. Other girls like to buy or design a wedding dress which will cost a lot of money. For such a valuable and important dress, you need to pay more attention to keep it in good condition. It is the most beautiful memory of your whole life. How to keep your dress for a life time? The cleaning of the dress plays an important role.

After you wear the wedding dresses, please wash it as soon as possible. If the dirties stay a long time on the dresses, it will be much more difficult to clean it. For example, the wine and the champagne will lead to damages of the materials of the dress. The dirty of food on the dress will attract worms and ruin the wedding dress. So, you should wash the dress right after your wedding ceremony. The cleaning in time will help you keep your dress in good condition.

The difficulty to wash your dress is the small accessories on the dress, such as the beadings and sparkles. We recommend you put your dress in the warm water combined with a little detergent. You had better soak the dress for a little while, so the dirty will be washed away. Please remember not to use the washing machine to wash your wedding dresses. You may damage the small accessories on the dress.

Now, girls, you know how to wash your wedding dress? Remember our suggestions, and you could keep your dress well.

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