Touch of Elegance to Wedding Cakes

The wedding: a celebration, a ritual, a rite of passage, and a cultural tradition. We think of weddings and we reminisce about white dresses and black tuxes, smiling flower girls and sheepish ring bearers, the crying aunt and the drunken uncle, laughing, jeering, and the food. All of the wonderful food and one of the many details need not to be missed by any engaged couple meticulously planning their wedding day. And no one should ever be able to forget the cake, the centerpiece to the moment when the bride and groom finally feed one another a single piece of cake.

We see these traditional images when weddings come to mind: dresses to wear to a wedding, the ring, the church, the flowers, and the cake. These are the traditions, but everyone likes to vary every now and then. Not every wedding dress is white and fewer and fewer wives to be wear veils. We no longer live in the days of a conventional ring (some have the name of their betrothed tattooed around their ring finger). Not every dresses to wear to a wedding is in a church, and no longer does the cake have to be just a cake. A wonderful way to beautify your wedding is by varying upon the traditional idea of a cake. Make the cake something more.

How does one add some much needed flair to their traditional wedding cake? Well, as exemplified by the popular cake makers, there are many ways. Yet, we find one of the most fantastic wedding cake variations in wedding cakes with fountains. These ‘fountain cakes’ have water fountains mounted within the cake structure. No, the cake doesn’t get wet, no need to worry. The cake part of the situation is placed upon a raised platform above the fountain. The space around the raised platform and fountain structure can be adorned in any way you want. “There is nothing like the intoxicating sound of a fountain running during a wedding reception to add a dramatic flair.”

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